Travel Agency Lite

Travel Agency Lite
Price: 99 EUR

Front-End Demo |  Back-End Demo 

We are proud to present you the Travel Agency Lite.

Affordable, highly scalable and customizable, it is a perfect solution for travel agencies. With our script, you can create your own travel agency website from scratch!
You have the control over the front-end features via the admin back-end interface. The Travel Agency Lite allows you to accept reservations for listings.

  • All language files are available for translation in text (.ini) format.
  • Smarty Template engine ( all the design code is written using the smarty template engine. This allows it to be very easy to change and extend.
  • You can have multiple frontend templates.
  • You can edit all the front-end template files
  • You can edit all E-Mail templates for all emails sent from the site (multi language)

  • Backups can be saved to server protected directory, sent to browser for download, and also sent by email.
  • Unlimited Languages (multilanguage database and interface for everything on the site.) You can translate online from the admin panel
  • Google Map Location for each offer, you can drag and drop to the exact location on the MAP.
  • Database and Directory backups Restore can be done with 1 click!
  • Admins (unlimited administrators)
  • Custom Categories/Subcategories (used for offers)
  • Site Settings (you can have different settings for each language. you have a lot of options to change! )
  • Custom Countries/Cities
  • CUSTOM META TAGS for Great Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Reservations
  • Custom Image resizing, thumbnail creation and watermarks
  • News (for the homepage)
  • Custom Pagination
  • Marketing Newsletter (history for sent newsletters, mass emails to subscribers and members)
  • Multi Language Interface (Add as many languages as you need and edit every word or sentense in the script directly from the admin panel)
  • Statistics (Full site stats with animated graphics and data rich statistics)
  • Custom Features with custom categories...selectable later in the listings
  • Multi Language Database (Each offer, category, country, city, page, the custom types...etc. can be translated in separated language)
  • Map (Interactive Google Map with all listings in)
  • Static Pages
  • Listings (with a lot of selectable details for each offer. You can see expired listings, and can use the advanced filter to search)
  • Backup (backup functions to create and restore database backups, and you have file backup options to backup full directories...and restore them later or on emergency)
  • WYSIWYG content editor with image manager and own uploads
  • SEO friendly URL's for the frontend. You can enter your own uri for every offer, category, page.

  • Listings categories/subcategories, where listings in each category can be seen, also ordered by Price, Date added etc.
  • In Each Listing the visitor have the ability to make an online reservation if selected as available option for the offer in the admin panel
  • Send to friend funtion, where the offer is sent to an email with the images attached.
  • Listing location can be viewed from the MAP
  • animated Image gallery for Each Listing
  • Search (you have a simple and advanced search which is very extended. You can search through all available options)
  • Special Listings
  • Multilanguage website, there are country box on each page that shows the active languages.
  • Google Interactive MAP with search abilities where visitors can navigate through all your listings