Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro
Price: 199 EUR

A great Real Estate Management Software, written in PHP & MySQL.

Very professional look and feel, very easy to work with and a lot of Features.

Affordable, highly scalable and customizable, it is a perfect solution for real estate agencies. With our script, you can manage your listings website from scratch!
You have the control over the front-end features via the admin back-end interface. The Real Estate Pro allows you to accept money for listings from the members.

Full Multi Language interface and Database. You can add as many languages as you want, and translate them from the admin panel. You can also add information for each listing in each available language in the system. The script also includes Auto Translate function using the Google translate service for a understandable translation.

Multi Currency with automatic calculation between currencies and automaticaly updated currency rates from the European Central Bank rss feed. 

  • All language files are available for translation in text (.ini) format.
  • You can edit the admin templates
  • You can have different templates selected for each language.
  • You can have the prices auto converted to the selected currency in the site settings for each language
  • The script is SEO boosted and ready to go! The Content is also SEO friendly. The Meta tags are auto generated for the specified categories and listings.
  • Smarty Template engine ( all the design code is written using the smarty template engine. This allows it to be very easy to change and extend.
  • You can have multiple frontend templates.
  • You can edit all the front-end template files
  • You can edit all E-Mail templates for all emails sent from the site (multi language)

  • E-Mail Templates (also multi language. editable templates for every email sent from the system)
  • Backups can be saved to server protected directory, sent to browser for download, and also sent by email.
  • Unlimited Languages (multilanguage database and interface for everything on the site.) You can translate online from the admin panel
  • Google Map Location for each offer, you can drag and drop to the exact location on the MAP.
  • Multi File Uploading with progress bar (used for uploading images and videos)
  • Database and Directory backups Restore can be done with 1 click!
  • Admins (unlimited administrators)
  • Custom Categories/Subcategories (used for offers)
  • Video (you can include unlimited videos with each listing. ffmpeg is required on the server)
  • Multi Currency (prices and orders are auto converted and rates are auto updated from the European Central Bank)
  • Site Settings (you can have different settings for each language. you have a lot of options to change! )
  • Custom Countries/Cities
  • Sitemap Generator (you can automaticaly generate Google Sitemaps in xml format and include them in your google sitemap account. Very SEO effective!)
  • Automatic language AJAX based translation using the Google Translate service
  • CUSTOM META TAGS for Great Search Engine Optimization
  • Articles (you can include articles in the categories and they are only shown there.)
  • E-Mail Marketing (can be used to send mass emails to subscribers and members)
  • Custom Image resizing, thumbnail creation and watermarks
  • News (for the homepage)
  • Orders (you can search, you can approve, delete etc.)
  • Members (absolutely unique member system with selectable access rights)
  • Custom Pagination
  • Marketing Newsletter (history for sent newsletters, mass emails to subscribers and members)
  • Multi Language Interface (Add as many languages as you need and edit every word or sentense in the script directly from the admin panel)
  • Custom Location types
  • Credit Packages (you can create both free and paid subscriptions and select access rights and duration)
  • Statistics (Full site stats with animated graphics and data rich statistics)
  • Custom Features with custom categories...selectable later in the listings
  • Multi Language Database (Each offer, category, country, city, page, the custom types...etc. can be translated in separated language)
  • Sublistings (each listing can have unlimited sublistings.)
  • Payment Gateways (PayPal, PayPal Subscriptions, 2CheckOut,
  • Map (Interactive Google Map with all listings in)
  • Static Pages
  • Listings (with a lot of selectable details for each offer. You can see expired listings, and can use the advanced filter to search)
  • Banner Ads (custom banner ad system. you use it for displaying Google AdSense or Banner. It have rotating options)
  • Backup (backup functions to create and restore database backups, and you have file backup options to backup full directories...and restore them later or on emergency)
  • WYSIWYG content editor with image manager and own uploads
  • SEO friendly URL's for the frontend. You can enter your own uri for every offer, category, page.

  • Listings can be send for approval by the admin before going active (if enabled in credit plan)
  • Members can review past orders and renew the expired subscriptions manualy
  • Orders can be first approved by the admin (if checked in payment gateways)
  • Image Uploads can be restricted by the Credit Plan (or only for the member)
  • Video Uploads too.
  • Members can have access to WYSIWYG editor
  • Members can choose between free and paid registrations if any
  • Members can select location on the map for their listings (if enabled)
  • Members can choose from the active payment gateways and subscribe for the choosen credit plan
  • Members may have access to translate their listings into enabled languages (if enabled)
  • Members have the abilities to add new listings (if enabled in credit plan)
  • Members have the abilities to add special listings (if enabled in credit plan)

  • javascript Mortgage Calculator
  • Listings categories/subcategories, where listings in each category can be seen, also ordered by Price, Date added etc.
  • Newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe box
  • In Each Listing the visitor have the ability to make an online reservation if selected as available option for the offer in the admin panel
  • Favourites (visitors can add listings in favourites)
  • Send to friend funtion, where the offer is sent to an email with the images attached.
  • Each Listing have Details, Gallery, Contact form, Map and Related
  • Listing location can be viewed from the MAP
  • List Agencies page
  • animated Image gallery for Each Listing
  • Articles are visible if they are on the selected item category
  • Multi Currency (auto converting all listing prices to the choosen one, or to the selected language assigned currency)
  • Search (you have a simple and advanced search which is very extended. You can search through all available options)
  • Smart SEO Friendly content and URL's for each language
  • Special Listings
  • Fast location and category search
  • Multilanguage website, there are country box on each page that shows the active languages.
  • switchable Latest and Popular listings on the homepage
  • Google Interactive MAP with search abilities where visitors can navigate through all your listings