How to Remove the Powered by Notice?

If you want to remove the Powered by Web Development Labs it will cost you additional €50 EUR.

What are the Server Requirements?

All our scripts requires the following:

Will you install software for me?

We offer professional installation for our software for FREE. If you require us to help you install any of our software on your server, go to our Contact form to send us an installation request.

If I purchase a single license software, can I install on more than one domain or site?

No. Each software license authorizes you to install only one copy of WebDevLabs software on one web site or domain name. If you wish to install additional copies, you must purchase an additional license for each installation. This is true even if the additional installations will be contained on the same web server and are part of the same web site. Additional licenses are available at a discount off the normal price of the program. Contact Us if you need multiple license for Web Development Labs software.

Note: If you have multiple domain names, you can pay for single license and redirect your other domains to your main domain name. 

I need custom programming. Can you do it for me?

Yes, we do custom programming for our clients. But depending on our schedule and the nature of your request, we might not be able to accept your request. Kindly go to our Contact page if you need custom programming.

- custom web programming from 30 € (custom module modifications)
- web design modifications from 15 € (changing design elements, graphics, colors and more)


Notice of Unauthorized Sale

Please be aware of unauthorized sale of our products that are being sold illegally at some companies selling our scripts as well as on online auction sites such as EBay and Yahoo Auction. 

WebDevLabs products will not be sold at any places other than on We will NOT provide support for these licenses and sites that are running illegal copies of our software will be suspended. If you believe to be holding an illegal copy of our product, please contact us for verification.